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Traditional LED Wall Pack

Traditional LED Wall PACk

Our LED Wall Pack lighting fixture is one of the latest in outdoor lighting fixtures to retrofit the conventional lighting fixtures such as HPS lights, HID metal-halides and halogen lamps. This 80W LED wall pack fixture is available in elegant design, in bronze Color. It’s effective both as a security lighting fixture and for creating an excellent outdoor ambiance. With a lifespan of not less than 50,000 hours, an LED wall pack is — a quick start-up; an easy to install product; non-toxic and a lighting fixture without any harmful radiation; weather-proof; and energy-efficient luminaire. This lighting fixture can deliver a very high lumen output of 10173 lumens and is available in a Color temperature of 5700K (day white light) to provide for intense bright light. This 80W LED wall pack can easily replace up to 250W of any metal-halide lighting fixture. Being an IP65 rated product, it is fit for use in damp locations. 

  • Limited Warranty: 5 years
  • Efficacy: up to 120 LP/W
  • Lumen Maintenance: Consult Spec Sheet
  • Lumen Output: 17,500- 52,500 LM
  • Wattage: 41 – 120 W

Longer Lifecycle

Our LED wall pack will not last less than 50,000 hours or 6 years if you keep your wall pack lights “on” for even 24 hours. May last up to 100,000 hours if used for half a day.

Power Efficacy

This LED wall pack fixture can provide high luminous efficacy of 120 lumens/watt (10173 lumens) at 80W thus indicating a better use of electrical energy into visible light and that means more brightness at a lesser wattage in extreme contrast to conventional metal-halide lighting fixtures that consume more energy to provide the same or lesser brightness.

Low Maintenance:

Since less heat is emitted by our LED wall pack, no special maintenance is required for operation and hence you can expect a long lifespan. It must be noted that this brings your maintenance and replacement costs down as what would have been the case, had it been a non-LED lighting fixture installed at your premise.


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