Eliminate Energy Waste With Customized Solutions

Real-Time Monitoring

“An effective monitoring System is typically the most important element of any energy management program and will deliver the fastest payback”- Siemens. The first step to any energy management project is to install real-time energy monitoring equipment that can truly reveal your consumption. With Eniscope you can have a site live and monitored within just three hours, in a fully safe, non-disruptive installation. Next steps will involve implementing any relevant behavior and operational changes prior to retrofitting or upgrading inefficient components.

Intelligent Air Conditioning

Air conditioning can be one of the biggest draws on energy in commercial buildings. Most systems are designed to switch on and off in a system of pre-programmed cycles – but what happens during those cycles? Air-con systems are typically over-active and over-sized for the application. ACES automatically cycles your compressor to reduce energy consumption without effecting performance.

Efficient Refrigeration

Refrigeration systems account for 20% of the world’s energy consumption. In most cases, refrigeration systems operate on a simple thermostat driven on/off cycle. The air in the unit dictates whether the cooling process is needed or not. But what really matters in a fridge – the air temperature or the food temperature? CUES provides an answer to standard inefficient refrigeration units.

Intelligent LED Lighting

Right now, lighting could account for upwards of 57% of your energy bill. A good portion of it is likely being wasted. MichroTech developed a super-efficient lighting system with occupancy and daylight sensors as standard, saving clients in many cases over 85% of their lighting costs.

Monitor and Manage Energy

On average, 30% of the energy consumed in buildings is wasted. Energy efficiency is the single largest way to eliminate this waste, reduce emissions, and save money. “The cheapest unit of energy is the one you never choose”

View real-time data from your whole portfolio on a single, intuitive software platform that allows you to access data from multiple sources (energy, water, temperature, occupancy, humidity, etc.)  all collated into one cloud-based system for analysis. Easily identify opportunities for energy savings or let our experts take care of it.

Perform Preventive Maintenance

MichroTech’s energy management system ” Eniscope”  is able to provide real-time, second-by-second data on your assets as they operate. Identify problems before they happen and transform your maintenance operation.

Proactive Asset Monitoring

With the data our system provides, and the intuitive platform to analyze it, your maintenance schedule no longer has to be reactive or pre-planned. Resources can be allocated based on the machines that need attention. A steady stream of second-by-second energy data and automatic alerts inform your team whenever an asset is acting outside of normal operational parameters.

The SMARRT Approach

Our unique approach to energy management, SMARRT is used to guarantee clients the highest energy management standards. SMARRT was developed with ISO 50001 and sustainability in mind. The global standard for energy management, ISO 50001 is the benchmark all companies should adhere to when managing their energy consumption. The principles are seen below in an easy to understand acronym.

Fast on-site analysis of utility useage.

Accurate energy usage and wastage tracking with Eniscope

Real-time trend analysis, via our cloud-based platform

Saving opportunity analysis alongside retrofit technologies

Comprehensive reporting and granular analysis to inform decision making

Verifying success and target setting; the keys to sustained performance

Monetize Future Energy Reductions

The first role of Eniscope is at the start of a project, before consideration of potential equipment retrofits. Using accurate, itemized, real-time data from the Eniscope platform, an energy consumption benchmark is set. The data is so reliable, that this figure can be implicitly relied upon by all parties of an agreement; the organization, MichroTech and the project financier.

Implementation of our technology can enable a financing model where clients have no capital expenditure at all. They don’t have to handle maintenance for the new system. In some cases, clients can actually be paid up-front from a portion of the projected energy savings immediately and at each stage.

Once the project is underway, the Eniscope devices remain in place – providing a constant flow of real-time data on energy consumption. That helps the client identify and verify new ways to save energy over the length of the contract, and even helps with preventive maintenance. The Eniscope’s alarms are used to identify faulty equipment remotely and guide engineering visits to preempt failures.

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Accurately Bill Tenants

MichroTechs’s intuitive software monitors monthly usage per tenant and generates reports automatically. Tenant charges can then be based on extremely accurate readings of energy usage rather than simply estimating according to square footage. Template reports populate automatically and can be customized with the facility owners’ branding, etc.

Improve accuracy and drive positive change in energy use:

  • Bill tenants accurately based on usage 

  • Present a professional image to tenants

  • Avoid inaccuracies and disputes

  • Encourage tenants to drive down their bills

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