Replacing Your Lighting In Your Parking Lot or Parking Garage With LED Can Be A Really Good Idea

Replacing Your Parking Lot Lighting With LED Lighting Can Be A Really Really Good Idea

Believe it or not, the largest consumer of energy on property’s premises is not the building itself but the area housing its occupant’s vehicles. High wattage lamps in parking areas pump out thousands of lumens for 8 to 12 hours a night consuming massive amounts of energy. Most of the lamps that go into these fixtures consume 175W to 250W of power, which leads to massive electric bills. 

In addition, many of these outdated systems are plagued with loads of issues involving but not limited to: Bulbs burning out and needing to be replaced, ballast and capacitor issues resulting in miscellaneous parts needing to be purchased, and an extremely high cost of service due to many of these fixtures being high up or in hard to access locations.

With the introduction of LED lighting technology facility managers can now save a tremendous amount of money. Most LED lights consume half if not less of the amount of energy of traditional lighting technologies. A majority of commercial lighting installations these days are set to last for the next 50,000-100,000 hours of continuous use, with little to no maintenance required. The savings can dramatically increase from there ,with the introduction of daylight sensing devices, motion and occupancy sensors and real-time monitoring and control of lighting fixtures. 

The truth is, much like how other technology that has evolved to now be more reliable  and less expensive,  lighting has done the same. If you are interested ,and looking for more information on saving energy for your building contact us at 1-855-892-0292.

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