PL Lamps: How To Choose The Best LED Replacement

PL Lamps

What they are and how to find the right LED replacement

PL fluorescent lamps have been a topic of discussion in the energy conservation field for a number of years now.

PL Bulbs are also known as CFL’s ( Compact Fluorescent Lamps) these small fairly energy efficient  bulbs are often found in non-residential settings (office buildings, retail stores, schools, etc.)

Traditionally this style of lighting has been easy on energy consumption but poses many maintenance and environmental issues. For one… much like their older brother the 4ft and 8ft T8 Tube, they contain mercury emits ultraviolet radiation leakage, don’t play nice with dimmers and are plagued with being reliant on outdated ballast technology.

Maintenance issues


Flickering, buzzing, delayed start, Low Output, Inconsistent lighting levels are all notable characteristics of PL and CFL lamps. It is for these reasons alone that many electricians and maintenance men around the globe dread dealing with these pesky lighting systems. In most cases when the bulb goes out its not as simple as being swapped out with a new one. If a ballast needs to be changed this can cost hundreds of dollars compared to a traditional lamp or LED Fixture.

Can LED Replace PL’s and CFL’s?

Today with the introduction of LED Lighting into the general lighting space it has allowed it to be used in spaces never thought before possible. LED PL and CFL replacements are easier to use than ever before. Bulbs are easy to install and have the ability to work with existing ballasts. They consume about half the amount of energy and can offer a wide range of color options and control capabilities.

So how do we get started?

Thats easy! The experts at Michrotech can inform you on everything necessary to get started.

Contact us at 1-855-892-0292 to start saving and enjoying better lighting today!

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