LED T8 and T12 Replacement Tube Lighting in 2019

Is 2019 The Right Time To Switch To LED Tube Lighting?

Advances in current LED lighting technology has allowed manufactures to lower their costs and increase light output along the way. This equates to amazing savings that literally allow for every project to pay for itself in a very short amount of time. 

In turn the pricing for LED T5, T8, and T12 LED tube lighting has never been lower before. Almost all projects are receiving a return of investment in less than 2 years. Most individuals impression of LED lighting is that it’s expensive to make the switch, but in all cases it is actually more expensive to leave your existing lighting in place! 

How Difficult is Installation?

A standard office fixture with 3 to 4 fluorescent tubes can be converted to LED in less than 10 min by any experienced electrician. Once done so the fixture will be bright and energy efficient for a minimum of 5 years with 24 hour use. With standard fluorescent fixtures users are plagued with repeated yearly maintenance and high energy costs. 

Did we mention ballasts are no longer relevant requirement and are as dated as flip phones? 

Environmental Benefits

By upgrading your fluorescent lighting to LED you are truly doing your part to help the environment. LED’s dramatically reduce the amount of heavy metals, mercury and other toxic chemicals being discarded every year. 100% of the materials in LED lighting are recyclable.

Fluorescent v.s LED Light Quality

Fluorescent lighting technology is plagued with inconsistent light output, problematic ballasts and dull flickering or discolored lighting. LED Lighting has the ability to not only increase area light levels, BUT they will also maintain their brightness for the duration of the bulbs’ lifespan, which could be 10 years or more! 

Energy Savings Across The Board

There is no hiding the fact that LED lighting saves money. LED Lighting innovation these days makes it easier than ever to make the switch with very little out of pocket. Financing programs, rebates and creative designs help make any lighting upgrade a no brainer. 

Standard Fluorescent T8: 32 Watts 

LED Tube Lighting Replacements T8: 15 – 18 Watts

Create a Brighter Tomorrow Today

Every time you flick that switch you are making the decision to throw hard earned dollars into the trash. If you need any help, our experts are standing by for assistance.

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