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Dimmable Retrofit Downlight

Dimmable Retrofit Downlight

With a baffle trim design that helps reduce light glare, the ⅚ inch dimmable LED downlights of 15W available in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K color temperatures help you have a beam angle adjustment (the beam angle being 120-degree) — a unique feature that allows for light to be distributed in areas where it is required the most. A CRI of 90+ means excellent color rendering by this downlight when the objects and surfaces appear as natural as they would in natural light. This 15W dimmable LED downlights can conveniently replace 100W of dimmable halogen light. On an average, the dimmable LED Downlight cuts down your utility bill by almost 88% and that is undeniably a significant amount of energy savings. This downlight beats the conventional halogen lights or incandescent light in terms of energy efficiency. Further, the 50,000 hours of lifespan for this downlight means low or no maintenance and replacement costs in extreme contrast to halogen downlights which last for a maximum of 1000-2000 hours. And, imagine then, how many times they would need to be replaced within 2-3 months of their lifespan.  

  • High Energy-Efficiency: Delivers lumens as high as 1000lm and still need fewer watts to be operational and effective. And so at 15W, if it is equivalent to 100W of any halogen light, it is then 6 times more energy-efficient than the latter.        
  • Even Distribution of Light: The light emitted by this downlight is even and uniform.   
  • Three Color Temperature Options (3000K, 4000K & 5000K): A color temperature of 3000K imparts a warm white or soft white glow with a yellowish hue, ideal for living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms bathrooms etc. The 4000K means a neutral white light glow all over the place ideal for task lighting and suitable for kitchens, offices, workspaces. The 5000K imparts a neutral white light-day white light glow ideal for display lighting and highly productive work environment that requires detail and focus. 
  • Works With Most Standard Dimmers: This downlight is compatible with most dimmers and can provide for smooth 0-10V dimming of light. This prevents any loss of light energy. 
  • Instant Start: The dimmable LED downlight lights up instantly without any delay and without any buzzing noise or flickering as is observed in case of dimmable halogen lights.
  • Easy To Install & Operate: Can be easily installed in three easy steps without much hassle.
  • 50,000 Hour Lifespan: The lifespan of dimmable LED downlights when compared to halogen downlights, they last at least 25 times longer than halogens thus bringing the maintenance costs of dimmable LED downlight down and no replacement cost by any means, whatsoever.
  • An Environment-Friendly Luminaire: No hazardous waste materials found in our dimmable LED downlight, hence environmentally safe.   
  • 5 Year Warranty period: Any problem with the product within the first 5 years, remember there’s a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer’s end.


This dimmable LED downlight is available in slim & sleek design to allow for easy mounting on low ceilings and in spaces where only ultra-thin lights can be accommodated.

Power Efficacy

The dimmable LED downlight is an energy-saving option over the conventional lights. When you make a switch from an incandescent or halogen light to our dimmable LED downlight, you bring about 88% in energy savings. This is because, by design, the LED downlights are superior and use the latest technology for less power-drawing from the source.


The installation of this dimmable LED downlight takes place in easy steps with first switching off the power supply and then taking out the existing downlight from the fixture. Next, you must twist the adapter in the socket and then insert the connector into the socket. Insert the dimmable LED downlight trip. Make sure, you have a compatible dimmer installed for our dimmable LED downlight to dim appropriately. For details, you must read the instruction booklet. If not able to self-install, you must consult an electrician.


Project support and management available in person or over the phone through MichroTech INC.

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