LED Panel Lights Are Great For Offices and Other Common Areas

LED Panel Lights Can Make A Massive Difference In Your Office Space

Do you still use tube lighting ( fluorescent lights ) in your office space? Did, you know that these types of likes can be causing headaches, eye strain, and absenteeism. Outside of retrofitting your existing lighting with T8 LED tubes, you can drastically change the vibe of your office space by swapping out those dated fixtures with high quality LED Panel Lighting. These types of lighting are being used today in many different types of schools, offices, hospitals and retail stores. They allow maximum flexibility including color temperature adjustment, dimmability, and real-time monitoring and zone control in some models. 

Massive Savings / Slim Package

One of the biggest reasons people make the switch to LED lighting is due to the energy savings and the fact that they can outlive traditional lighting fixtures by decades. LED Panel Lights consume about half the energy of traditional fluorescent fixtures. In addition, there are no maintenance costs. Most of our panel lights carry Design Lights Consortium (DLC) standard and premium certifications. This certification allows this fixture to qualify for rebates in selective areas. In some cases, rebates can cover the entire project cost alone.

High-Quality Lighting

 Traditional fluorescent tube lighting has a warm-up time along with reflective material within the fixture to maximize light output. LED Panel Lighting provides direct light distribution along with specific wattage combinations in order to provide the maximum amount of light output with a few fixtures as possible, thus giving you the maximum savings. In addition, being able to pick and maintain your office’s color temperature can have a massive improvement in staff mood.

  • 3500K light creates a warm inviting atmosphere that is a good choice for a retail store, hotels, and other hospitality applications.
  • 4000K light helps reduce eye strain and is ideal for offices, classrooms, and libraries.
  • 5000K light improves visibility and alertness, making it suitable for hospitals and auditoriums


LED Panel Lights can be combined with motion sensors, timers, and dimmers allowing you the ability to only light areas when needed. Warehouses and storage rooms benefit in particular because often times rooms are not occupied 100% of the time. 

Don’t Delay Call Today

With the cost savings associated with LED Panel Lighting, it makes all the sense in the world to make the switch now. Call us at 1-855-892-0292 and an expert will assist you promptly in configuring your ideal office LED Panel Light configuration. Let us show you our zero down financing options.

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