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2×2 , 2×4 , 1×4 LED Panel Light

2x2 , 2x4 , 1x4 LED Panel Light

Designed for commercial businesses, the LED Troffer as dimmable lighting fixture with an ultra wide beam angle can illuminate any space evenly. Suitable for drop-in ceilings, it comes as square-shaped. By replacing 90W of any fluorescent tube light, a 30W troffer saves you 60 watts of energy. Available in a color temperature glow of 5000K and with a CRI of more than standard (80+), it provides for lighting that’s appealing and that which enables you to view objects and surfaces with enough clarity. Being DLC approved, it also makes you eligible for rebate. You also get 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty on this lighting fixture. 


The LED panels coming in slim and sleek design imparts an aesthetic look to the interiors while also being portable at the same time. The aluminum housing for LED panel comes in rugged die-cast design to make it more durable and make it withstand any external tampering, rust or corrosion.

Power Efficacy

The LED panels bring about 75% of energy-savings, when you make a switch from any non-LED lighting to LED panels.


The LED panel light designed to fit in standard T-Bars and narrow grid drop-in ceilings, its installation comes easy. It can be built-in, mounted, suspended or recessed. If you want it to look like a chandelier, you can go for suspended installation. For details, you must check for manufacturer’s instructions


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