Industries Served

Property & Facilities Managers

MichroTech’s intuitive software monitors monthly usage per tenant and generates reports automatically. Tenant charges can then be based on extremely accurate readings of energy usage rather than simply estimating according to square footage. Template reports populate automatically and can be customized with the facility owners’ branding, etc. If the building lacks a BMS (Building Management System),  our software allows you to remotely control and optimize operations.

Grocery & Convenience Stores

The cost for food retailers to operate refrigerator cases can be significant. Reducing the energy consumed by these units provides an opportunity to realize substantial savings, which can then be reinvested elsewhere in the company.


Reducing energy costs by $2,000 for a restaurant with a 4% profit margin equates to $50,000 in sales. MichroTech helps restaurants identify waste and reduce costs with energy management and efficiency solutions with a guaranteed ROI.

Public/Private Schools

Energy efficiency and sustainability programs in school districts can have a significant positive impact on budgets and funding. Leverage energy savings into funds to improve the energy infrastructure of your district’s facilities.


See, analyze and understand your energy consumption across an unlimited number of sites, then act to reduce it with behavior modification and highly effective, proven motor control technologies.

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