Don't Let Cash Flow Today Stop You From Saving Tomorrow!

LED lighting upgrades are an instant way to increase your property value, boost your building’s efficiency, and save on energy costs.(Our customers have saved as much as 95% on the lighting portion of their energy bill!) That’s why LEDs account for 90% of new lighting installations. Savvy property managers can see that the huge payback of LEDs far outweighs the upfront cost. Even so, if you’re up against budget constraints (and who isn’t?), it can be tough to find room in the budget for the initial investment. Fortunately, several financing options are available to cover the cost of your lighting upgrade project so you can actually have a portion of your electric bill bear the entire cost.

Utility rebates can cover up to 60% of your cost

The most popular way to finance a lighting upgrade is through rebates offered by utility companies. Around the US, incentives range from 20-60% of the total project cost. That’s especially good news for New Yorkers: New York utilities offer some of the best rebates in the country. Customers of National Grid, which serves New York City and upstate New York, can use incentives to cover a whopping 60% of the cost of their lighting systems and controls upgrades. Customers of Central Hudson, NYSEG, and RG&E are also eligible for lighting rebates. Vermont is another state that offers generous lighting incentives. Utility incentives can be hard to navigate and, if the steps aren’t followed precisely, you won’t get your rebate. That’s why Hope Energy Group handles the entire process for our customers. We take care of everything from getting your pre-approval to submitting the final paperwork, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Flexible financing lets you pay yourself to save

There are smart options to pay for the rest of your upgrade, too. One of the biggest benefits of a lighting retrofit is that you’ll see the savings right away on your utility bill. Many customers opt to use their monthly utility savings to pay off the remaining cost of their lighting project. That means you can pay off your new LEDs without dipping into your piggy bank. In other words, you’re paying yourself to save money. For utility programs that don’t offer financing, MichroTech offers several financing options. Michrotech also offers a discount to customers who choose to pay for their lighting upfront. It’s a great way to save an additional amount on your lighting upgrade. Whichever route you choose, your vendor should be able to show you all the numbers in the initial proposal — including installation costs, recycling, rebates, projected savings, and financing.

Get the solution you need NOW!

• Pay no interest over 1 – 5 Years

• Conserve working capital

• Let the ROI of the solution help pay for itself through its use

• Potential tax savings under IRS Section 179

• $1 purchase option allows you to own the solution at lease-end

Need help finding the best financing options?

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