A Guide to Energy Savings: Knowing is half the battle

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Energy Saving Products

We believe that Energy Efficiency is the single most important future source of energy… in effect – it buys us time while new and more efficient sources of power generation are being developed. Not only is it currently the most effective way to combat rising energy prices and increasing supply demands – it is probably the most important response to one of the biggest threat humans have ever faced…Climate Change.

Eniscope - Energy Monitoring

Eniscope is a Real-time Energy Management System that is increasingly being used as a critical element of many robust energy management programmes because it makes this otherwise invisible energy now visible and thereby manageable.

Cues - Chiller Unit Energy Saver

Refrigeration systems account for around 20% of the world’s energy consumption and we have considerable practical experience to demonstrate there is real potential to achieve dramatic reductions in energy costs – improve equipment performance and reliability – at the same time providing more accurate control of the temperature of stored food products.

ACES - Air Conditioning Energy Saver

In many buildings air-conditioning systems can be amongst the biggest consumers of energy putting considerable demands on the local and national grid during the hottest days of the year.

ACES is a range of air conditioning energy saving products that have been designed to significantly reduce energy running costs while maintaining, and often improving comfort levels. Their primary applications are found in the commercial sector and larger private housing.

IMEC - Intelligent Motor Energy Controllers

AC induction motors are the most common piece of electro-mechanical engineering on the planet and account for over half of all electrical consumption world-wide.

Motors are widely used in both commercial and industrial manufacturing processes. Unsurprisingly, almost every product we buy is made with the aid of a motor and therefore the cost of running motors has a direct impact on the cost we pay for all the products we purchase.

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