Michrotech LED Lighting distribution and project management

Our Story

Understanding how energy savings truly works and knowing the differences between LED lighting packages, monitoring equipment, and their installation methods can be a daunting task. At Michrotech, our project managers separate fact from fiction and help to lessen the confusion surrounding going green. We are pioneers in the industry and have vast product knowledge, along with superior customer support, to answer the many questions surrounding any project BIG or small.

Michrotech was founded in 2015 by father and son team Robert and Michael Orkin. Since 2—3 ,Robert has been helping businesses reduce unnecessary payment processing expenses with his company Financial Business Solutions. In 2015 they realized that there was a need for high quality service in the market between existing businesses and the vendors of various energy saving equipment manufacturers. To solve this a network of distribution and partnerships was created to make it easier than ever for businesses to GO GREEN!


We maintain working relationships with dozens of vendors and manufactures across the globe. This allows our team to procure almost any energy savings / management project out there. 

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