2019 Facility Managers Are Cutting Costs

How Can You As A Facility Manager Cut Your Rising Energy Costs?

Most meetings that bring up the subject of saving energy tend to go something like this… Person 1: “We need to cut our energy bill down.” Person 2: How about that new energy saving technology?”  Person 3: ” That stuff is way too expensive to implement… Next Topic.” 

With this mentality, energy saving initiatives can take years if not decades to implement system wide in any sort of corporate environment. But in all cases, it’s always more expensive to wait and do nothing. In our energy analysis we not only break down the return on investment you can receive, but we also note something else just as important if not more and that is the COST OF DELAY. 

With the use of motion & occupancy sensors, advanced temperature controls , and the connection of all these devices to internet of things, we can monitor and manage energy consumption on a real time basis. This can dramatically increase the value of any project and in some cases create payback periods of 6 months or less. 

After payback of the project is complete , that new found savings is free to be spent on new projects, acquisitions or that new company snack bar / salad cart for the break room. 

Where Do I Begin?

2019 is an exciting time to be in the energy sector with many new technologies becoming available everyday. The possibilities of energy savings are endless, but there are some main areas where you should focus the majority of your attention on as these can dramatically impact your energy bill the fastest. 

Lighting –  Compared to traditional lighting technologies such as incandescent and compact fluorescents, LED’s have a few nifty advantages. They use 50% – 80% less energy than traditional incandescents, and can last up to 3 – 25 times longer.

HVAC – Heating and ventilation systems can have so many moving parts that just replacing one of them or making a behavioral change can save your organization thousands of dollars each year. The department of energy has found that you can save up to 35% annually in energy costs by making slight adjustments. Many other variables can exist such as equipment age, location insulation and unit Airflow.

Refrigeration – Much like heating and ventilation systems, refrigeration behaves very similarly. Many commercial refrigeration units are modular and can be retrofitted with updated components, sealants and other ENERGY STAR® Certified methods of conservation. In addition, it is also important to keep in mind the actual size and location of the unit to maximize cool air production.

Controls – Let me ask you a question… If nobody is in the space, why is it being cooled like there are 100 persons, computers and heated air from daylight entering the room? In order to maintain maximum energy efficiency you need to be in control of your building or business 24/7. Smart devices and controls have hit the market by storm and are taking over in regards to cutting costs.  Between motion sensors, light sensors and temperature controls, you can reduce energy usage in any given space dramatically. 

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Much like other technologies in todays day and age they have become easy to use and implement. The only problem is finding someone knowledgeable in this field to make sure you choose the right combination of components. Good thing the expert team at Michrotech can make sense of any project large or small.

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